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Updated: Apr 12

Whether you set goals or pick a word of the year, this month we’ve been talking about being intentional in writing and life.

Last week I wrote about taking small steps towards growth in focused areas of intention - thus creating a natural, sustainable, rhythm.

Between then and now I met with a friend for coffee. The conversation boiled down to this question:

”What is the one thing holding you back from getting what you want?”

I started to list off ALL OF THE THINGS. Gently she reminded me of my own advice. You don’t have to have it all figured out. You just have to take one small step towards where you’re headed.

Three cheers for those that hold us accountable when we forget to keep it simple.

When no one is watching, it’s easy to get out of rhythm.

Being accountable means:

  • Owning your part in the story - favorable or unfavorable

  • Asking reflective questions of yourself

  • Listening to and learning from others; gathering perspectives not your own

  • Following through on making changes or amends

If you’re feeling stuck it’s time to get back into your small step rhythm. You have a choice. Hold yourself accountable or let someone help you.

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