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Updated: Apr 12

After so many of my new year’s resolutions went awry, I started choosing intentions rather than goals.

It's not that I didn't want to write more words, journal regularly, or read more. It's just that setting a goal like reading 52 books in a year didn't actually make me feel better.

What made me feel better about the new year was to choose a focus that could be applied to all aspects of my life. Some people call it a word of the year; an intention.


Use these steps to help choose an intention for 2022.

One. As a place to start, brainstorm. This is a great tool when you are trying to make sense of a jumble of thoughts. Get it all out. Make a list, infographic, or sketch doodle. Talk to other people about their intentions for 2022.

Two. Prioritize what’s important to you. Pick one priority as a lens in which you might look at your life in the coming days, weeks and months.

Three. Think about how that priority might encourage growth in both your writing and life.

Four. Choose three small steps that you can implement daily to support your priority.

Five. Be accountable for your intention. Check-in with yourself regularly, or share your intention with a friend and help each other in learning and growth.


After a year of learning, I’m ready to put my knowledge into practice. Here are three ways to use your intentions:

  1. A place to start, a prompt if you will, when practicing forward momentum in your writing and life.

  2. A tool to help process and discover your feelings about certain things.

  3. A guide in answering the questions: Who am I? How do I know? Why does it matter? (my favorite essential questions)

This year choose an intention (or word of the year) as a lens through which to focus; something you can apply in writing and life.

Last year I chose the word ROOT. I used 2021 as a year to investigate the roots of my choices and behaviors.

In 2022 my intention is to be more INTENTIONAL. I can use the discoveries I made about my roots in 2021 to focus on how I’m using my energy in relation to family, home, writing, and business.

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