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Updated: Apr 12

Learning something new is difficult.

I work on a team with social media experts. I often tell them that I watch what they are doing and try to recreate it for use in my life. Being a freelance writer and social media manager is just one iteration of a career I’ve been building for years. I’m learning. Always learning. And I watch people who know more than me so I can grow in the craft.

Something vulnerable is being in a very middle-aged point of life and having to learn how to date. I was married for half my days and am in a very real and sometimes awkward place to learn something new. As a writer, you think I would have the words of my dating profile on lock. But I giggled with the team about helping me tweak it so it works better with the algorithm. I don’t seem to be finding the right kind of guy. Lol.

Another challenge I’m faced with is songwriting. A friend asked me to write the lyrics for some music he composed. I readily took the challenge. But that was months ago and I can’t seem to get the knack. I thought it would be easy to write a song because:

  • Words come naturally to me

  • My life runs on a soundtrack streaming in my brain (mostly show tunes if you must know)

  • I consciously and sub-consciously make up words for non-existent songs that exit my mouth in real-time at an audible volume

Whether it be using my moves in writing or life, I’ve discovered you can know something and not know it at all. There is always room to improve or refine - to learn. And when you think you are done, maybe it’s just the beginning. At this time, I find myself observing with a beginner’s mind, looking for ways to move forward.

Are you curious about how to put the moves on in your writing and life?

Learn what to do, how to do it, and when to use it by signing up for my weekly newsletter that offers small steps to encourage growth in writing and life.

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