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Updated: Apr 12


This last month my writing has waned and I think it’s for the exact reason that I talked about in my last email. You have to make sure that your words and actions are in alignment. You have to make sure that the story you are telling is true both for yourself and for others. And also, you have to be discerning about what you say and what you don’t say. I haven’t been telling a story in public because I just haven’t been able to match up my words with my actions and feelings. I’ve been writing a lot, but I’ve kept the words private. Most of my writing has been to process my own thoughts and feelings.


In social media, sometimes we create and schedule posts ahead of time. In the last few weeks, a scheduled picture of myself posted to my Instagram feed. This picture to be exact:

When I scheduled the post, I wrote in the caption about how we, as writers, need to consider our words before sharing them. And for readers…”The shiny cover paints a picture, but there is always more to the story. Dig deeper.”


The words in my caption were true enough, but the picture wasn’t. I think this is the perfect example of authenticity as a writer - making sure your words and actions match up as a consideration for what to share.

The day this picture posted was one of the worst days I’ve had emotionally since well into the pandemic. And those days in the 2020 part of the pandemic were pretty bleak.

If you looked at this picture on the day it was posted, you would imagine I was having a pretty ok day - all sunlight and smiles. In reality, my eyes were filled with tears and my heart with anxiety. This picture felt like BS. That’s the truth. And that’s not the writer I want to be.

The important words you have to say won’t resonate if you are telling half-truths. Sometimes the story needs time to fully synthesize. Make sure what you have to say is of substance in writing and life. There’s no rush to share your words with others.


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