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Updated: Apr 12


There are a lot of ways to practice living your life with love. Until I started becoming intentional #inwritingandlife I was mostly just spinning my wheels. It felt like lots of moving parts, possibly a hamster wheel, and a bit of drifting off into space.

Honest fact: I did not hold myself in high regard. And because of that, it was hard to regard the work I was doing with others and for myself with any value.

When I started focusing on what was going on internally, there was a shift. Maybe you’ve noticed how things just seem to work out for some people. I am starting to believe it is a result of their authenticity. Tell me what you think.


Here are a few of the steps I’ve taken over the last few years:

  • I made a list of the things that were most important to me (Self, Relationships, Work)

  • I started doing inner work and I got a therapist.

  • I learned to regulate my emotions and also allowed myself to feel all the feelings.

  • I started seeking out meaningful connections that aligned with the things that were important to me.

  • I began to see each of my relationships as a learning opportunity.

  • Starting from the base of personality typing I began to notice what was working for me and what wasn’t in terms of who I am at my very core.

  • I continue to define and redefine what my purpose and passion are and make sure they are in alignment.

  • I listen to myself and honor my gut instinct.

  • I no longer strive for approval, but self-acceptance.


Something I noticed in the last two months is how showing up intentionally for yourself, your people and your business translates into growth - personally and professionally.

As I’ve become more purposeful and focused about what I have to offer and how that translates into what people need, I notice that my messaging has become distinctly more authentic.

I notice my own purpose and passion are coming into alignment.


One of the trends for growing your business on Instagram in 2022 is to collaborate with others. As I turn what once was viewed as that “writing thing”/ hobby into a sustainable source of income, I am going to push into the relationships I’ve built along the way. It’s not just building a life, we’re creating a community of people who support each other #inwritingandlife!

Do you need a guide to help you with your work #inwritingandlife? I offer coaching packages to help you get started, get organized, create a plan to use your words and put it into practice. Click here to learn more about how I help writers find and use their words in real life - personally and professionally.

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