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Updated: Apr 12


There are a lot of ways to practice your work with intention. Whether it be in writing or life.

Over the years there have been times when my rhythm has gotten off-kilter. I was operating from a place of survival rather than from a place of growth.

Babies, new jobs, moves, life events…I did not want to get stuck in the mode of just passing through.

It took a bit of learning and a whole lot of baby steps to craft a life with intention.


Here are a few of the steps I’ve taken over the years:

  • When I wondered about becoming a writer, I joined a professional writing group called Hope*Writers.

  • I listened and learned everything I could relate to writing and the business of writing.

  • I studied great writers. I read all the time.

  • I took small steps using the tools and resources available to me. Only using what was helpful at the time, leaving the rest for another day.

  • I became a writing teacher.

  • Then I started scheduling time for writing on my daily calendar - time to practice the art of writing and time to practice the business of writing.

  • I found a writing partner whom I consider my ride or die in the business of writing.

  • I found a mentor and began to refer to myself as a professional, unapologetically.

  • And then I took the ultimate leap and made writing my vocation.


I’ve chosen three areas of focus in which to be intentional this year:

  1. Relationships

  2. Business

  3. Living

I’m doing my best to approach each area by first brainstorming/ journaling about them, then determining small steps that will help me grow in that area, developing a rhythm, and putting into place some accountability measures.

As I look back over my list, I realize each area is relatable to the others. Honestly, that is super helpful and makes me hopeful as I work towards measurable growth this year.


One of the trends for growing your business on Instagram in 2022 is to collaborate with others. As I turn what once was viewed as that “writing thing”/ hobby into a sustainable source of income, I am going to push into the relationships I’ve built along the way. It’s not just building a life, we’re creating a community of people who support each other in writing as well!

Do you need a guide to help you with your work #inwritingandlife? I offer coaching packages to help you get started, get organized, create a plan to use your words and put it into practice. Click here to learn more about how I help writers find and use their words in real life - personally and professionally.

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