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Here's what you should know about not being ready and telling your story anyway (in writing and life):

You are never ready, but you should not let that stop you.

Sometimes you will fail in the most epic ways and also it is a requirement for learning.

You are allowed to think one thing and then change your mind.

You learn in the midst of not being ready.

Let others guide you, but ultimately listen to your own inner compass. If it doesn’t feel right, ask yourself why.

When you start to learn and grow, some of the experiences/ people you are moving past will try to hold you back. You might even try to hold others back from learning and growing. Ultimately you do not have control of what others do or say, nor do you have control of the outcome.

When you are growing and learning, you might hurt those around you. That is about their inner healing, not yours. Or maybe both. Good to ask questions...

Listen to your guides.

Both fear and happiness are temporary. Best not attach to either, but feel their connection to you in a whole way.

Own your story. Deep down. It doesn’t matter if you ever have closure. Accept your missteps and take the opportunity to right wrongs if the opportunity is given to you. Otherwise, use what you have learned to do better going forward. You cannot fix the past, but you can do better in the future.

You are perfection, and imperfection all the same.

Learn to love yourself.

Let someone know you again. Through words and deeds. Let your heart breathe. Let the grief of missed opportunities wash over you and with it the clenching of your heart, the lump in your throat, the remorse and regret, the shame. Let it all wash over you. Feel it deeply and let it go. Do not hold on to the things that threaten to drown you. And do not be fooled by the joy that offers to save you. Let it all pass like the waves in the ocean, and focus on staying present within your body. Not drowning, not hovering.

Let someone love you.

Let attachment go and focus on the ways in which you connect with others.

Let yourself love someone.

You do not have to perform for love. You do not have to perform for love. You do not have to perform for love.

Start when you are not ready and write, say, sing the story that is begging to be told.

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