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Let it Fly

Updated: Mar 18, 2020

I have been a blogger for years.  It was a mommy blog, turned more lifestyle-ish and reflective.  I needed a place to process the fact that I had to go back to work after the birth of my first child.  I needed a way to connect with other working moms.  Writing got me through those long days in my downtown office.  When the job was gone, my life became more authentically aligned and even though everything changed, writing did not.  I found the old blog had become a hide out; a way to avoid growing in my writing.

Step One was to admit I’m a writer and to start getting serious about the business of writing.  I am learning to value my writing as an extension of myself.  I can no longer hide.  I practice the craft, and writing is part of my everyday life.  I need ownership in the process for better of for worse, which brings us to this website.

Step Two was to create a space where I can write with purpose.  There is still value in the words of my writing past.  I added old content to this new website in order to fit the pieces together.  If you start from the beginning of the posts, you will read about my mid-life awakening and how courage started to be the boss of my life in all the best ways.

I am in the process of Step Three.  My hope is to share thoughts, here, about the things that hold us back and ways we are encouraged to move forward.  This is a terrifying, heart rendering process, but I know there is no other way.  It’s time to accept the joy and sorrow.  For months I have been toying with all of the things.  Then I was reminded to avoid being bogged down by imperfection.  I was told to “Let it fly!”  And so I shall.

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