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Updated: Mar 18, 2020

I’m not usually a word of the year kind of person, but when I think of what matters most in 2017, I think of connection.  I want to connect with others in ways that matter.  I’m aware that I have much to learn in order to have more meaningful relationships.  I tend to avoid uncomfortable situations and conversations.  Honestly, I don’t know how to have them and I’m curious about how to relate to others when times are hard.  I want to connect with more purpose and intention, and with more authenticity.

I notice that when I deny the way I’m being pushed I usually get heaped upon with a giant lesson.  This year, rather than pretend I don’t have things to learn about communication, I’m wondering about it and I’m looking for better ways to connect.  I am embracing, rather than avoiding it.

If you are a website subscriber, you’ve already received a copy of Five Ways to Make Ordinary Conversation Extraordinary.  I’m learning about how we talk to people and how that helps us relate to others.  I know relationships matter, but many of us struggle to maintain them.  I created a free printable booklet as a reminder of how to improve conversational skills.  The booklet and the stories I’ll be sharing this week, are the tools you need to have stronger, more meaningful relationships.  Subscribe here and I’ll send you a copy.

I hope you come back tomorrow for the first story in a series on how we can make something extraordinary out of our ordinary, every day, conversations.  How we handle human relationships is the key to all we do.  Let’s start building an authentic community of people who are interested in connecting with others.  Meet me back here for a story about being present.

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