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Piece of cake?

It’s a piece of cake. Matter of fact. No big deal. I can hardly relate to that piece of cake.

After all, a piece of cake isn’t really that simple is it?

It takes ingredients. And not just things you can find on your land. You need sugar and vanilla and eggs and flour. [SIDE NOTE: I tried to make my own flour once from spilled wheat at my uncle’s harvest. It would’ve made the worst cake as demonstrated by the brick-like bread it became.]

You need a recipe or some type of knowledge that doesn’t originate from within. It takes learning to make a cake. Or maybe community if you are lucky enough to have someone in your life who will show you how.

Then you have to have a way to transform the knowledge and ingredients into a finished product. And the expectation: no going back and revising your work. The cake must be edible.

So, it’s not just like...a piece of cake. It’s like preparation, mastery, completion, and the scrutiny of the consumer. A piece of cake is complicated or am I just overthinking it? I tend to do that when someone’s a piece of cake.

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