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July 21st, 2017|Growth Patterns|

My grandmother lies in the space between this world and the next. It was a year to the day when my mom slipped into the other room to grieve for the woman trapped inside her physical body. It was a year to the day when I heard my grandmother take a dying gasp for air. I held her hand. I waited. I watched her chest sit still under the covers. I stared deeply at the creases on her forehead and looked for a flutter in her eyelids. I waited so long that tears poured down my face and I wondered if I would be the one privileged enough to hold her hand as she was released from the weight of [...]


June 24th, 2017|Connection|

A beam of sunlight points to an arrowhead in the sandy bottom of Plum Creek. Picking it up, my wondering starts. I’d been looking for an arrowhead for many years. Hearing they existed in the area, I’d never seen a real one. Turning it over in my hand, I imagined it’s uses over the years; flint rock to start fires, tool for creating, spear for survival. In my imagination, I associated it with a human and thought about ancient footsteps on this ground I was walking. It made me wish a person could hold onto something and understand the completeness of it. Looking at an arrowhead’s markings, a scientist is able to determine how it was made and most likely [...]

Fish Story

June 16th, 2017|Growth Patterns, On the Road|

I was a fish out of water. He pulled my waders from the fishing box, tags still on. Somewhere over the years, I’d forgotten this was something we would to do together. He tied flies to tippet for the boys, while I ventured out into the Henry’s Fork with my rod. I sent my line out. There was no rhythm. Fish were jumping all around me. After a particularly bad cast, I saw an 18 inch Brown swim over my feet. I felt at peace on the river, even though the boys were causing a commotion on the dock behind me. Slowly I got my arm back. They were critiquing my back cast and my husband was trying to give [...]


May 26th, 2017|Growth Patterns|

Looking at the reflection in the window of a brand new classroom, I can see my people standing behind me. I treasure the moments when life comes full circle; where beginning meets beginning. Looking in, I see windows and giant ceilings and I picture barn doors between classrooms and roll up garage doors that will bring the larger community together. I picture a teacher at the beginning of a career building something with her students. Through the reflection I watch the dreams of new friends coming to fruition and I imagine old friends doing the same. I am thankful for those that made it possible for me to be in this moment standing on the precipice of something new. Looking towards [...]